It's interesting how much has changed over the past five years, is not it? :-) Ultima is basically a dead game, but the site still keeps hold of it so it's actually the 2nd birthday :-) It does not matter. We're still here. I even found someone who wanted to buy ultima.cz, but I did not like the price. Everything is on sale, but the weight of the foot ... Anyway, I am glad that a lot of friendship on UO and ultima.cz has been created and has remained in the final until today. It's no longer a habit. I'm currently mashing PAYDAY 2, I've also gone through D3 and F1 Star Race and I just buy games. Windows 10 came out, and Ultima Online came out at Windows 95 and I dusted it to 486 DX2 66Mhz, and now I have a faster phone. :-) But I'm not happy to make more money on this site :-D Do not fight end gerls have fun and do not bother. Yeah and forNew year shayari 2018 images us older years, Mandosi, and others, forty on the neck ;-)

Your favorite and best Uncle Lynx